A sense of wander, this is what we are about.

Guided by a relentless pursuit of artistic expression, we embark on a global quest of inspirations, traversing flee markets of Paris,
hidden alleys of Rome, and art galleries of New York, unearthing extraordinary pieces that evoke a sense of wander.

In a harmonious blend of affordability and exclusivity, One True Find designs a curated collection of truly exceptional furniture items, each embodying the essence of a singular discovery. Empowering individuals to create spaces that resonate with their soul, redefining the concept of home, infusing it with the artistry and uniqueness that defy the dictates of conformity and normality.One True Find transcends the boundaries of the conventional, embodying a profound yearning for authenticity and individuality.

We cater to a discerning group of individuals who reject the mass-produced and seek a more personal, intimate living environment that reflects their characters and one’s own persona.